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What to do during a cleanse to ensure your success.


It’s important to keep well hydrated, so drink plenty of filtered water and herbal teas if you like, especially if you’re cleansing during the colder months as they promote circulation and boost the immune system.

Take it easy during your cleanse, cut back on your exercise regime as you won't be able to work out the body to the same level as before. Overexercising while on a juice cleanse will add an additional stress to your body and have counter effects

Good exercises to still include gentle walks, gentle yoga like slow flow, yin or yoga nidra, meditation, swimming and try get some extra sleep.

Im a big advocate for being extra kind to yourself during a cleanse, so try to treat yourself to a massage, massage will help stimulate the lymphatics, encourage circulations and support the body in detoxifying.

For a little at home pampering, try dry body brushing or a long soak in an Epsom salt bath – these not only feel amazing but actually enhance the detoxification process. Try adding some baking soda and sea salt to your bath too, it will help both alkalise the body and replace the lost salts from your detox.

Lessen your work load if you can, or choose a time when you can just chill out and not have a lot of stress.

Cold water therapy can help too : a cold swim or a cold shower daily for at least 4 minutes a day help encourage circulation and assist lymph to rid itself of toxins.

Make sure you have variety in your juices, think the colours of the rainbow. Try to balance fruits with vegetables and you can balance blood sugars by including a nut milk juice at the end of the day to help with sleep.

Try to source local and organic produce for your juices if you can this will ensure quality and nutrient value plus you are not loading the body back up on chemicals by not using organic. This is a time to treat your body to the best and you will be rewarded.

Include a multi packed greens and reds to super boost your vitamins at this time, like Miss Vitality Elevate. You can add to a juice or drink on its own. Also think about using a magnesium supplement to ease some of the headaches that may come on, try Miss Vitality Elixir packed with magnesium , zinc to help your immune system and marine collagen you will be glowing from the inside out.

Try a tongue may notice during your cleanse that your tongue turns a bit white, this is the liver detoxing, use a tongue scraper in the morning to scrape away the residue from your tongue and assist the body detox process.

Grab some support....try have a friend do it with you, for moral support. Or let others know you are doing it so they can help keep you on track.

Good luck, your body will thank you for the amazing gift of a cleanse. After you finish you can look forward to boundless energy and vitality.

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