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Foot Pain?

FOOTPAIN? I see a lot of people in the clinic with foot pain, their solution is usually they are told to wear shoes as much as possible with as much support as possible.....this can lead to more issues with heightening the level of feedback from pain receptors in the feet.

Try improving circulation in the feet with the following tips :

1. REMOVE DEAD SKIN : Regular removal of dead skin allows skin to regenerate , breathe and provide effective feedback. Try this sugar scrub recipe : 3 TBSP coconut oil, 2 TBSP honey, 1/2 cup sugar, 3 drops each of pure peppermint oil, and tea tree oil. Mix, use to scrub feet daily in the shower.

2. RELEASE TENSION : Weekly magnesium soak : 1 cup epsomsalts in warm water, soak feet for 20 minutes. Follow with a roll out with the a tennisball on the base of the feet.

3. IMPROVE CIRCULATION : Weekly foot ice bath : in a tub of cold water add 3 cups ice, soak feet for 10 minutes. The ice constricts blood vessels when immersed in water, and draws heat from inflammation. Once the feet come out of the water and the tissue begins to heat up, the blood vessels open and flush the muscles with new blood.

4. EXPOSE FEET TO VARIETY: We spend WAY too much time in shoes, we need to expose our feet to different surfaces (think barefoot on grass, cement, pebbles, sand) in order to build the information bank of proprioception in the foot itself. When you are outdoors, take off your shoes and walk barefoot. It will do wonders for balance, pain reception and sensitivity.

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