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Take off your shoes!

FOOT PAIN? When people are experiencing foot pain, their first go to is to avoid exposing their feet to the open. This leads to lots of shoe wearing and wrapping the issue up. This leads to lessening the information from foot to brain about where you are in time and space....the feet and the brain are not the brain starts a conversation with the feet..."I can't hear you!" The foot responds by turning up all receptors including the pain ones in order to allow the brain to hear....the result ....more pain!

Sometimes the best thing for the feet is exposure to a number of different surfaces in order to stimulate the proprioceptors of the feet (they get dumbed down in shoes), which in turn , turns the volume down on the pain receptors.

Try this : spending 20 minutes a day allowing the feet to explore sand, grass, gravel, water....a range of textures. Roll the feet out daily with a ball (only medium pressure at most ...don't over do it here) , a foot bath with some epsom salts twice a week, a frozen water bottle rolled on the bottom of the foot once a week (ice helps reduce the inflammation) and a gentle rub with a toe brush over the base of the foot for stimulation of the receptors.

Need your feet looked at? Make an appointment. You will be amazed how gunky feet can lead to back pain and neck and shoulder tension.

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