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Lazy glutes?

GLUTE MUSCLES ⠀ The glutes are the master control muscle for every joint below them including the ankle/foot. This crucial complex of hip stabilizers ensures we have proper balance and stability each time our foot hits the ground. ⠀ Have flat feet?

Check your glutes. good chance they aren’t doing their job of controlling the leg which allows for the knee, ankle and foot to collapse inward. Instead of covering up the problem with orthotics which only lead to further dysfunction, solve the problem by getting the glutes back online. ⠀ This not only corrects foot position but re-aligns your entire lower body posture - prevents injury and increases strength, power and your ability to run optimally. ⠀ Most people lose the glutes because of the stiffness that develops from too much time spent in the sitting position. Escape the chair, reclaim your glutes and you will solve the mystery of why you have flat feet.

Need more info? Make an appointment and lets get your glutes back online. ⠀

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