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Is post-pregnancy responsible for your bad posture?

WHAT DO YOU SEE WHEN YOU LOOK AT THIS PICTURE? Bad Posture? Weak Core? or perhaps a positioning on the pelvis due to a pelvic organ prolapse?

if you’ve given birth, chances are you have it to some degree. “I can almost say that every woman who’s had a vaginal delivery has some degree of prolapse, but they most likely have no symptoms.” Magali Robert, head of pelvic health at the University of Calgary.

And if you have had a C-section the result is far worse. The fact is in pregnancy and childbirth the uterus drops down, the perinium descends and the pubis tilts forward, following childbirth it most likely never returns to normal.

Symptoms of a prolapse can be minor like minor leakage (think peeing when you sneeze), pressure or heaviness in your groin, persistent lower back pain post baby, difficulty activating abdominals, difficulty grounding through the foot (think weight bearing in toes or heels), forward body posture (rounded shoulders, slumped forward), feeling hips shift forward, to major symptoms like seeing or feeling your internal organs suddenly become external.

With the immense damage pregnancy does to your body (think shifting of organs, stretching of tissue, widening of pelvis and scar tissue damage of the vagina in birth itself) its no wonder the body is left a mess at the end of it. Pelvic prolapse is the result of injuries to muscles and ligaments that have never healed or been properly rehabilitated

There are things that make symptoms worse and can progress a minor prolapse into a major one such as too much load bearing in the 12 months post baby (think HIIT training and running) this puts extreme stress on the already weakened pelvic floor and can make symptoms worse, sometimes resulting in extreme symptoms such as a sense of or actual descending of the internal organs through the pelvis, more to come on this shortly.....

Whats the answer? Pelvic floor exercises are a start but until the pelvis is re-aligned, the uterus lifted and the scar tissue worked on exercises to improve pelvic floor are going to have minimal impact.

What I did....

So I have 5 children, 2 natural and 3 caesarian births.

I experienced for myself a relift and reset of my pubic bone and uterus via scar tissue work and a lift of the fat pad of the pubic bone (all done around the belly and above the pubis, no internal work here) . You see not only do we get descending perineum and uterus, and a tilting pubic bone but for anyone who has had a C-section you also get a slump of the fat pad that sits on the pubic bone as it can not be or is not reattached at stitching point, resulting in a puffy layer and a space between scar tissue....another black hole for the body to not register so it compensates by overusing back muscles and butt clenching in order to control movement in the pelvis.

Have you experienced ongoing back pain since child birth?

The sensations I experienced immediately after standing were a lightness in my belly, a firm and even grounding of the feet and a balancing of my pelvis, it no longer shifted forward. I have better movement in my hips, I can breath deeper into my belly space and exhale deep into the belly which activates and draws up the pelvic floor. If you can not access a deep breath, you can not activate your pelvic floor.

If you have had kids whether its recently or 30 years ago, I urge you to come and have a chat, you will be blown away with this work, there is still things which can be done to reset the damage caused by pregnancy and childbirth.

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