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Day 2 of Commonwealth Games

Another massive day 14 athletes and 1 official today. Each day I get more and more excited for the games, as you hear the stories of how people have come to be at CG2018 you really just want them all to win regardless of whether they are from Australia or not. It just makes you realise every single person who competes deserves to be there, and deserves a medal. Each being the BEST their country has at their given sport, which takes commitment and dedication.

Highlights of today well I have 2 standouts today, firstly Paul Christophers story of how he came to be at the Commonwealth Games started as a shared goal between him and his best friend David who was his badmington partner.

They both dreamed of competing in Commonwealth Games and Olympics when they got older, but unfortunately a freak accident saw David passed away at the age of 18. Paul is now competing for both of them, carrying with him the memory of his best friend onto the court, it was such a touching story.

David came to me after experiencing some pain in his ankle which was unable to be remedied by the polyclinic physio, he was concerned it would stop him competing. We had 2 sessions and I saw him a week later, he was so grateful I had been able to help shift the pain and he could play his best game for all competitions.

I also treated Boxer Giaurau Solanki who was so sweet and told me "You are too good at your profession, best massage I have ever had."

My little gift from GC Commonwealth Games Workforce today a keep cup, and a new pin just for the medical team, just some of the little gifts bestowed upon us as part of the Game Shaping team.

Keep cup from the games

So my athlete client list for today :

BADMINGTON Paul Christopher from Mauritius TRIATHLON Mohamed Said from Kenya SQUASH Charlotte Knaggs from Trinidad and Tobago CYCLING Gert Fauche from South Africa Derek Barbara from Gibraltar BOXING Giaurau Solanki from India TRIPLE JUMPER Yordanys Duranana Garcia from Dominica WEIGHTLIFTING Clementine Meukeilgni Noumbissi from Cameroon HAMMERTHROW Constantinos Stathelakos from Cyprus TABLE TENNIS Bernard Sam from Ghana Zac Wilson from Northern Island LAWN BOWLS Corel Olivier from Nambia Rupa Tirkey from India Edwin Nyoka from Botswana

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