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My Commonwealth Games Journey

So this year I got the extreme priviledge to be on the recovery team for the Commonwealth Games, working on athletes in the Athletes Village for 4 weeks. After an arduous application process which took over 10 months of application, interviews and training I secured a position in the Athletes Village.

15 shifts and over 179 treatments, the experience of the games was life changing, it took weeks to come down from the adrenaline of the experience.

I documented each day I worked on shift and have collated a diary, which I hope you enjoy. There were so many amazing learning opportunities whilst on the Coast, sensational people to meet and was so humbled to be part of the experience that many athletes had given years to aspiring to.

Official games uniform and passes picked up a few days before first shift


Well today has been massive day....13 athletes and 3 officials treated today with only a half hour break....but you couldnt help but keep going everyone was so appreciative.

The little penguin and bottom pin was from one of the athletes Tansie Bonne from Faukland Islands who is competing in the shooting....her comment "i never knew my shoulders could feel so relaxed".

The GC2018 pin is from the games, over the course of the games you will see I collect quite a lot of these they became a bit of a barter tool with athletes as we exchanged pins with one another.... we are gifted with special things from the CG2018 organising committee most days ... as if being part of the games wasnt enough....So fantastic to hear everyones stories of how they came to be there. For some their first games for others season athletes . Who will tomorrow bring in the door ....

So my client list of athletes today : WEIGHTLIFTING Osei Forrester from Ghana Andrea Hans from New Zealand Stephen Forbes from Northern Ireland HOCKEY Erik Wonick from India Dayann Cossiem from South Africa ATHLETICS Derick St Leah from Dominica TRIATHLON Christopher Walker SQUASH Charlotte Knaggs from Trinadad and Tobago SHOOTING Tansie Boone from Falkland Islands LAWN BOWLS Farzona Khan from India Choubey Lovely from India

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