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The lost art of grounding

In our modern society we have lost our links to nature, no longer flowing with the natural cycles of day to night, season to season, or interstellar forces. The loss of harmony with natural rhythm affects not only our human psyche but negatively impacts our health which is intrinsicly linked with exposure to the sun, sound of natural world and grounding with the earth.

Years ago humans slept on the ground, went shoeless or only wore shoes from animal hides that allowed connection to the electrical forces of the earth. Our disconnection from the earth has had a regressing effect, as we lost energetic transfer from the ground up.

The of loss of direct ground contact combined with our exposure with toxins, electromagnetic radiation, nutrient-poor, GMO food and the fast pace of modern lifestyle has bred a climate for disease.

Artificial surfaces in shoewear : plastic / rubber soled, elevated beds, unnatural surfaces and high rise buildings have created a barrier between the body and the electrical field of the earth, this had coincided with an epidemic of chronic illness, including autoimmune disease.

For me, I have always lived in the country, until 10 years ago when I moved to Perth. A very industrialised city, with high buildings, little connectivity with natural surfaces and heavy pollution. Over the 8 years of living there I developed chronic fatigue and insulin resistance, which I fully believe a result of the disconnection to the earth I had when living in a country area. Could grounding be the key to unlocking the inflammation in your body?

Regular grounding can assist with sleep, pain relief, blood sugar regulation, immune system, endocrine balance, blood viscocity and autonomic balance. A full explanation of the changes to the system can be found at GREEN MED INFO, with related research and study on specific systematic changes.

Grounding can often be viewed as one of those airy-fairy subject, however the flow of electrons which are generated from the earth to the body has been documented and recorded scientifically. This transition into the domain of a scientifically proven therapy allows treatment of many ailments including aging, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, lupus, cardiovascular arrhythmia, hypertension, osteoporosis, asthma, sleep apnea and PMS.

Electrons transported through chains of our energy producing organs, and dispersed via connective tissue can quickly offset oxidative damage and protect healthy tissue. Via our living matrix we have access to an antioxidant system of the body whose primary job is to absorb and release antioxidant electrons to sites of disease or degeneration, via the process called grounding. Electrons from the earth may in fact be the best antioxidants, with zero negative secondary effects, because our body evolved to use them over eons of physical contact with the ground.

Grounding is essential, needed by the body for a number of functions and when we relate back our mostly artificial environments its not wonder inflammatory and immune system disorders are on the rise. Concrete floors, the amount of time we spend in shoes, our disconnection to ground forces....could the answer to relieving pain in your body be simply to connect more barefoot to ground?

The surface of the earth represents an untapped and indispensable therapeutic resource with the potential to improve a number of inflammatory conditions. Failing to recharge our bodies with regular contact with the earth, is a certain recipe for degeneration, demise, and debility.

Our next article will explore how to integrate grounding into everyday life, when unnatural surfaces are part of everyday life.....stay tuned.

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